Circulars for Selected Companies Mostly Listed on the GSE

  1. Access Bank Ghana (IPO)
  2. Agricultural Development Bank (IPO)
  3. ABSA New Gold ETF (Supplemental Prospectus)
  4. Aluworks (EGMRights Offer, Rights Issue)
  5. Ayrton Drug Manufacturing (IPO, M&A*)
  6. Benso Oil Palm Plantation (IPO - Mini, Full), M&A*
  7. CAL Bank (Rights Offer)
  8. Clydestone Ghana (IPO) (Mini, Full)
  9. Cocoa Processing Company (IPO) (Mini*)
  10. Ecobank Ghana (IPO, Rights Offer*, EGM)
  11. Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (Rights Offer and Fresh Capital)
  12. Energy Commercial Bank (IPO)
  13. Enterprise Group (Reorganisation, Rights Issue)
  14. Ghana Breweries (Listing by Introduction)
  15. Ghana Commercial Bank (Rights Offer)
  16. Ghana Oil Company (IPO, Rights Offer)
  17. Golden Star Resources (IPO)
  18. Golden Web (IPO) (Mini, Full)
  19. Guinness Ghana (M&A*)
  20. Guinness Ghana Breweries (EGM, Rights Offer, Rights Offer)
  21. Republic Bank Ghana (Rights Offer, Private Placement, EGM Circular, Rights Offer, Rights Offer)
  22. Kumasi Brewery (M&A)
  23. Mega African Capital (IPO, Rights Issue and Private Placement Memorandum)
  24. PBC (IPO - Mini*, Note Programme Prospectus)
  25. Scancom (MTN Ghana) (IPO)
  26. Societe Generale Ghana (IPORights Offer, Rights Offer, Rights Offer)
  27. SIC Insurance Company (IPO)
  28. Standard Chartered Bank Ghana (Rights Offer)
  29. Starwin Products (Rights Offer)
  30. Total Petroleum Ghana (M&A)
  31. Transactions Solutions Ghana (IPO)
  32. Tullow Oil (Ghana Share Offer)
  33. Unilever Ghana (EGM)
  34. UT Bank (IPO - Mini, Full), M&A

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