GSE Filings - E.S.L.A.

2018 Releases

PR - 016 ESLA Re-opening of Tender 1561 (A, R)
PR - 029 ESLA Listing of Tranche E2-B on the GFIM (A, R)
PR - 039 ESLA Transfer of Coupon from DSRA Bank to Paying Bank for ESLA 2024 Bond (A, R)
PR - 042 ESLA Unaudited Financial Statements for the Full Year (12 Months) Ended December 2017 (A, R)

2017 Releases

PR - 365 ESLA Announcement (A, R)
PR - 406 ESLA Listing of Tranche E1 on the GIFIM Market (A, R)
PR - 422 ESLA Listing of Tranche E2 on the GIFIM Market (A, R)

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