GSE Filings - Access Bank Ghana

2017 Releases

PR - 105 ACCESS Audited Financial Results for the Full Year (12 Months) Ended December 2016 (A, R)
PR - 144 ACCESS 2016 Annual Report and Notice of AGM (A, R1, R2)
PR - 251 ACCESS Unaudited Financial Results for the Half Year (Six Months) Ended June 2017 (A, R, FBTF Presentation)
PR - 396 ACCESS Unaudited Financial Results for the Nine Months Ended September 2017 (A, R)
PR - 434 ACCESS Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting (A, R)

2016 Releases

PR - 369 ABG Extension of IPO Offer Period (A, R)
PR - 407 ABG Results of Initial Public Offer (A, R)
PR - 412 ACCESS Access Bank Changes Ticker Symbol on the GSE (A)

A - GSE Announcement
R - Company Release

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