GSE Filings - MTN Ghana

2019 Releases

PR - 059 MTNGH Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements for the Full Year Ended December 2018 (A, R)
PR - 060 MTNGH Commentary and Forward Statement (A, R)
PR - 123 MTNGH Annual General Meeting (A, R)
PR - 147 MTNGH Unaudited Financial Statements for the First Quarter (Three Months) Ended March 2019 (A, R)
PR - 178 MTNGH 2018 Annual Report and Financial Statements for the Year Ended December 2018 (A, R)
PR - 225 MTNGH Resignation of a Director (A)
PR - 241 MTNGH Resignation and Appointment of Directors of MobileMoney Limited (A)
PR - 295 MTNGH Interim Results for the Half Year (6 Months) Ending June 2019; Declaration of Interim Dividend (A)

2018 Releases

PR - 262 MTNGH Notice of Appointment of New CEO (A, R
PR - 431 MTNGH Unaudited Financial Results for the Nine Months Ended September 2018 (A, R)
PR - 432 MTNGH Interim Dividend and Book Closure Notice (A)
PR - 498 MTNGH NCA Sanctions MTN Ghana for Non-Compliance with Quality of Service Requirements (A, R)

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