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  6. ARG uses the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) to group the companies listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange according to industries to make it easier for financial analysts to compare the valuations of companies and also to build return and risk estimates for industries.
  7. Annual reports and prospectuses are directly sourced from the publicly quoted companies/collective investment scheme (preferably) in a soft format (PDF). In the event that soft versions are not available, hard copies are scanned and uploaded to annualreportsghana.com (NB: Scanned documents may take longer to download because of the huge file size. 
  8. Collective Investment Schemes licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission in Ghana generally fall under two broad categories: mutual funds (schemes that are managed by an asset management company) or unit trusts (which are typically constituted under a trust deed). Click here to access the complete list of licensed mutual funds in Ghana. Click here to access the complete list of licensed unit trusts in Ghana.
  9. Reports on collective investment schemes are usually sourced directly from the asset management company that is licensed to manage the mutual fund/unit trust. Occasionally, pricing information may be sourced from local newspapers such as the Daily Graphic and the Business and Financial Times (at least once a week). Presently, ARG does not independently compute the returns of mutual funds and unit trusts.
  10. Individuals and institutions can access up to five (5) annual reports, at no charge. Access to additional reports attract a fee. To access historical annual reports, please use our enquiry form or send an email clearly stating the name of the listed company and the financial year end(s) of the annual reports to info@annualreportsghana.com.

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